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The FEDERAL POLICE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR published the Ordinance # 18-DIREX/PF on October 19, 2020, which addresses the resumption of the course of migratory periods and definition of the validity periods of documents issued by the Immigration Police, providing safety legal conditions for all immigrants. Thus, the main points are highlighted below:  1. Calculation for all Deadlines: The counting of migratory deadlines within the scope of the Federal Police will be resumed in November 3rd, 2020, once have been suspended since March 16th, 2020 (Official Circular Circular DIREX No. 04). 2.Expired Brazilian immigration identification documents: The attendance’s protocols referring to migratory regularization, national migratory registration cards and other documents related to Migration Regularization activities converted by the Federal Police, expiring after March 16th, 2020 will be accepted and will be able to be used until March 16th, 2021 (for entry or registration purposes). 3. Expired personal documents: In the process of migratory regularization, documents expired after March 16th, 2020 will be accepted, as long as the immigrant has remained in the national territory and seeks to regularize himself until March 16th, 2021.  4. Period of stay in the condition of visit: Visitors immigrants will have all period in Brazil duly consider for all legal purposes, especially for counting the maximum period of stay per migratory year. In the assessment of the alleged excess of visitor's stay, the period between March 16th, 2020 and November 3rd, 2020 will be disregarded.  5.Calculation regarding the term for temporary visas’ validation: Regardless the date of registration under temporary visa condition, the residence term will be counted from the first entry in Brazil under the temporary visa. 6. Term of registration for temporary visas: The temporary visa, even if it is not registered, can be used for new entry if it remains valid, or if its validity has been, exceptionally, extended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this case, the temporary visa can be registered until March 16th, 2021 or, in the case of re-entry, within 90 days counting from the new entry. If the 90-day period mentioned above is previous to March 16th, 2021, than March 16th, 2021 will prevail as the final term for registration. 7. Time limit for immigrants absent from the country: The maximum period of absence from the country, based on the article 135, III, Decree # 9,199, of November 20th, 2017, will be counted only until March 15th, 2020, and its course will resume from November 3rd, 2020. The present Ordinance was published on 21 October, the date on which it came into force. EMDOC professionals are available to answer all demands and questions on this topic that certainly involves the mobility of many immigrants in this very delicate moment.

Kind Regards, EMDOC Team


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