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The influx of immigrant labor force into Brazil depends largely on the offshore workforce, with the Oil & Gas industry in Rio de Janeiro being responsible for the larger share of this market.

EMDOC’s team of immigration specialists is singularly trained to coordinate large-vessel offshore projects, including rotation of crews, commissioning and decommissioning of platforms and expansion of exploration.

Our staff is uniquely capable of meeting great workload demands which require a quick turnover in a short time frame, thus enabling EMDOC to assist cruise operators and holding companies in a professional and customized fashion.

Our principal activities include, among others:

  • Preparation, filing and monitoring of the Ministry of Justice work authorization request;

  • Assistance in the post-approval visa collection process in Brazilian consulates abroad;

  • Assistance in the mandatory registration at the Federal Police;

  • Monitoring visa expiration and preparing the extension request. 

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