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Focusing on Brazil’s potential for sea and coastal tourism, EMDOC trained part of its staff and legal department to provide effective assistance to personnel and clients of luxury liners, cruise ships and other vessels operating in tourism-related activities.

EMDOC’s team of experts in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo is uniquely qualified to see to the segment’s particular demands and necessities, operating as the only company in the Brazilian market to have an exclusive department dedicated to serving tour vessels.

Our staff is uniquely capable of meeting great workload demands which requires a quick turnover in a short time frame, thus enabling EMDOC to assist cruise operators and holding companies in a professional and customized fashion.

Our principal activities include, among others:

  • Preparation, filing and monitoring of the Ministry of Justice work authorization request;

  • Assistance in the post-approval visa collection process in Brazilian consulates abroad;

  • Assistance in the mandatory registration at the Federal Police. 

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