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EMDOC was established in 1985 as a highly specialized advisory firm on immigration of inbounds, outbounds and destination services.

To provide advisory services, EMDOC employees are bilingual, working exclusively on the international mobility area. We have our own team of immigration lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Our team of professionals are led by the Company's group of business partners.

In order to customize our services, EMDOC currently has Chinese, Japanese and European desks.

EMDOC is certified by ISO 9001. EMDOC is present all over Brazil and Miami (USA).

EMDOC is present all over Brazil and Miami (USA). In Latin America, EMDOC operates as an affiliate of HRS Relocation, an associated company. 

Internationally, EMDOC is recognized for its participation as guest and speaker at several conferences, and the Company participates in the most expressive associations, office networks and international organizations. 

Currently EMDOC participates in the Employment Relocation Council (ERC), International Bar Association (IBA), American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and The European Relocation Association (EuRA). 

EMDOC is a pioneer in the publication of books about the immigration law in Brazil, how to transfer of Brazilians to other countries, and accommodation of expatriates in major Brazilian cities - all subjects that have little published material, which makes EMDOC recognized nationally and internationally for its work.


To provide legal advice on immigration and support for the accommodation and adaptation of expatriates, with commitment and quality services, making expatriation an enriching experience.


To be the market leader in our area, prioritizing the quality of our services and making a difference for our clients.  


Innovation, Quality Services, Ethics and Integrity, Commitment and Dedication. Services Customization, Transparency and Respect, Social and Environmental Responsibility, Valorization of our Team.  


Provide high quality and ethical immigration consultancy, international transfer of professionals and relocation procedures, meeting the needs of our clients and the requirements relevant to our activity and commitment to continuous process improvement and social responsibility.  

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