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EMDOC provides customized assistance for who need to move to another country, or simply make a business or tourism travel, operating always in compliance with the immigration law of each country. We ensure the quality of service provided in Brazil and the country of destination through partnerships specializing in Immigration and Relocation in several countries.

  • Support in requesting for business, tourism and transit visas;

  • Support in requesting for work visas, in Brazil or abroad;

  • Obtain the necessary documents for the transfer (passports and certificates);

  • Obtain legalization and apostille on documents (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consulates, Embassies and Notary offices)";

  • Schedule interviews and monitor the consulate;

  • Permanent residency, including those based on the Mercosur / Bolivia / Chile;

  • Obtain consular statements and registrations;

  • Customized project management;

  • Revision of expatriation policies and rules.

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