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EMDOC is specialized in offering expert guidance for smooth transitions of expatriates living in Brazil and abroad, aims to promote customer satisfaction through the services customization to each client as an individual, respecting different needs and expectations and providing support, security in order to facilitate the settlement process and culture adaptation of foreigners in the host country.

  • Reception on arrival in Brazil - airport pick up and check-in assistance;

  • Relocation services in the destination country all over the world;

  • Intercultural training;

  • Welcome Kit - carefully customized to each client;  

  • Temporary accommodation - with accompanied visits or booking only;

  • Familiarization Tour - inclusive of samples of properties;

  • Intercultural training - with possibility for shorter sessions;

  • School Search - made up of accompanied visits and assistance in registration;  

  • Home Search program - including property selection, lease negotiation, property inspection and accompanied keys handover;

  • Settling-in asssistance - which migh include hiring of residential services, utilities set up, purchase or rental of furniture;

  • Maintenance of residence - in order to make sure the family will be comfortable from first to last; 

  • Lease Termination - along with indications for the best service providers for repairs.

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