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EMDOCs goal is to make the process more efficient, according to the terms of Brazilian law, so the expatriation can be an enriching experience. EMDOC has a team of experienced professionals and an internal legal team prepared to advise national and multinational companies in matters regarding the immigration in Brazil, seeking to comply with the corporate policies of each company.

  • Consultancy for request the  authorization for temporary and permanent work;

  • Visa for investors;

  • Permanent residency based on marriage to a Brazilian citizen or Brazilian progeny;

  • Family reunion;

  • Naturalization;

  • Offshores and maritime vessels working visas;

  • Nationality matters;

  • Residency based on Mercosur / Bolivia / Chile;

  • Extension and transformation of visas;

  • Obtainment of Brazilian documentation;

  • Customized project management.

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