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The Brazilian Government published on the morning of January 3rd 2020 the Normative Resolution No. 41 amending the text of Normative Resolution No. 30/18, including the Visa for Retirees or Beneficiaries of death pension in the list of visas that may have the renewal of the temporary residence, as well as the alteration of the temporary residence for undetermined residence.

Reminding that this category of visa may be granted by the consular authority or on national territory by the Ministry of Justice, since that the immigrant proves that he is able to transfer to Brazil the monthly amount equal to or above US$ 2,000 (two thousand dollars) from your retirement or death pension.

The initial term of the visa will be up to 02 (two) years, if granted by the consular authority. In this case, the immigrant may request in the national territory changing the term of temporary residence to undetermined residence.

However, the initial visa will be valid only for 01 (one) year if it was granted in national territory. In this case, it will first be granted the renewal of the local residence term for another 01 (one) year, and only after this period will it be possible to request the change of the term to undetermined period.

It is noteworthy that the extension of the term in any of the above cases will occur only upon proof that the immigrant still holds the benefit that originated his initial visa.

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