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The EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE FEDERAL POLICE, considering the subsistence of the scenario that justified the edition of Ordinance No. 21-DIREX/PF, as well as the existence of a significant number of immigrants pending regularization, published on August 23, 2021, the Ordinance No. 25 -DIREX/PF. Below the conditions are indicated:

I - Immigration regularization period

The period for obtaining or registering a residence permit, and for registering a temporary visa, for immigrants whose immigration documentation has expired since March 16, 2020, is extended until March 15, 2022. Considering:

- The immigrant who becomes regularized within the established period will not be penalized for delay in registration or excessive stay during this period;

- Administrative infractions committed by immigrants under these conditions (indicated above) and occurred before March 16, 2020 or other than art. 109, II, III, and IV, of Law No. 13.445, of May 24, 2017 do not benefit from the rule set forth above;

- Immigrants and visitors who are applying for a residence permit and necessary documentation, but who have not been able to schedule a date due to local restrictions at the service unit, fall into this situation.

II. Documents for entry, register, renewal or transform immigration status

The official protocols relating to migratory regularization and the request for recognition of refugee status, national migration registration cards (CRNM) and provisional national migration registration documents (DPRNM) expired from March 16, 2020 are considered extended and valid, and must be accepted for all purposes by March 15, 2022, including for the purposes of admission, registration, renewal or transformation of stay.

III. Expired Personal and Identification Documents

In the immigration regularization process, the passports, the identification documents and the non-criminal records issued abroad that expire after March 16, 2020 will be accepted, once the immigrant has remained resident in national territory and seeks to become regularized by March 15, 2022. However, international trips (abroad of Brazil) whose sum of duration periods exceeds 30 (thirty) days prevent the application of this rule.

The Ordinance No. 25 will enter into force on September 15, 2021.

EMDOC professionals are available to answer all demands and doubts on this topic that certainly involves the mobility of many immigrants in this very delicate moment.

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