We are a consultancy specialized in Inbound Immigration, Outbound Immigration and Relocation.


Our employees are highly qualified, bilingual and working exclusively in the area of global mobility. We have our own legal department of immigration lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience.


Our technical teams are led by a corporate group, which constantly monitors the processes, thus ensuring the continuity of quality in customer service, in the execution of services and in the constant development of employees.


EMDOC was established in 1985 as a highly specialized advisory firm on immigration of inbounds, outbounds and destination services.



Due to our focus on providing not only immigration and destinations services, but also to create a great experience on the transfer, EMDOC invests continuously in innovation aiming to provide also a unique and customized high quality services. Here are some of EMDOC's differentials:

Experience in Global Mobility since 1985

Japanese Desk, Chinese Desk

and European Desk

Own Legal Team

Newsletters with constant updates, shared in Portuguese and English for all clients

Participation in major national and international events in EMDOC's business area

Training for clients held on EMDOC's offices

Partnership with leading chambers of commerce in Brazil



EMDOCs goal is to make the process more efficient, according to the terms of Brazilian law, so the expatriation can be an enriching experience. EMDOC has a team of experienced professionals and an internal legal team prepared to advise national and multinational companies in matters regarding the immigration in Brazil, seeking to comply with the corporate policies of each company.



EMDOC provides customized assistance for who need to move to another country, or simply make a business or tourism travel, operating always in compliance with the immigration law of each country. We ensure the quality of service provided in Brazil and the country of destination through partnerships specializing in Immigration and Relocation in several countries.


EMDOC is specialized in offering expert guidance for smooth transitions of expatriates living in Brazil and abroad, aims to promote customer satisfaction through the services customization to each client as an individual, respecting different needs and expectations and providing support, security in order to facilitate the settlement process and culture adaptation of foreigners in the host country.


Focusing on Brazil’s potential for sea and coastal tourism, EMDOC trained part of its staff and legal department to provide effective assistance to personnel and clients of luxury liners, cruise ships and other vessels operating in tourism-related activities.

EMDOC’s team of experts in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo is uniquely qualified to see to the segment’s particular demands and necessities, operating as the only company in the Brazilian market to have an exclusive department dedicated to serving tour vessels.


The influx of immigrant labor force into Brazil depends largely on the offshore workforce, with the Oil & Gas industry in Rio de Janeiro being responsible for the larger share of this market.

EMDOC’s team of immigration specialists is singularly trained to coordinate large-vessel offshore projects, including rotation of crews, commissioning and decommissioning of platforms and expansion of exploration.




The constant search for improvement in its processes and the commitment to quality services led EMDOC São Paulo to seek ISO 9001 certification i. Each year, EMDOC São Paulo is audit for recertification.


The GMS (Global Mobility Specialist) certification is accredited by Worldwide ERC to professionals who work in the global mobility area.


EMDOC's Strategic Professionals of the Relocation and International Business Development areas have this certification.



In order to maintain the proximity to businesses and often promote debates on immigration in Brazil, EMDOC is associated with several chambers of commerce - some of them for more than fifteen (15) years. EMDOC actively participates in the following chambers of commerce:

ABRH Brasil.png


Internationally, EMDOC is recognized for its participation as guest and speaker at conferences, and the Company also participates in the most expressive associations, office networks and international organizations, such as those mentioned below:


The International Bar Association (IBA) – the global voice of the legal profession – is the foremost organisation for international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies.

Globally recognized association in the global mobility area. EMDOC participates in this conference every year. Worldwide ERC is also responsible for the GMS (Global Mobility Specialist) certification, which was obtained by EMDOC's strategic members from the areas of Relocation and International Business Development.


The association brings together companies that operate on the global mobility market. EMDOC is a member of this association and attends the periodic conferences in order to envision new strategies for the destination services market.

EMDOC lectures annually in AILA's events covering the new immigration trends in Brazil. 



HRS Relocation is a Miami-based company with a focus on serving the Latin America market since 2007 and EMDOC is teh affiliante from Brazil, GMS LOGO - The GMS (Global Mobility Specialist) certification is accredited by Worldwide ERC to professionals who work in the global mobility area. EMDOC's Strategic Professionals of the Relocation and International Business Development areas have this certification.

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Our publications address topics based on Brazilian Migration Legislation. Since 2016, we have been associated with the UN Global Compact, which has endorsed three publications to date, launched in up to seven (7) languages, and disseminated through its members present in more than 160 countries.

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