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BORDER CLOSURE WILL BE EXTENDED UNTIL JULY 14. The foregoing, notwithstanding that it may be modified, in view of the evolution that experience the COVID-19 outbreak, in the national territory.

In the same way, what is established below will not be affected by this temporary closure of entry and exit:


• Chilean nationals;

• Foreigners regularly residing in the national territory.

When there are extraordinary or essential situations, an Extraordinary Request for Foreign Travel may be made to leave Chile through (not in territorial police stations).

Within these situations we can find:

• Carrying out essential and essential activities for the country;

• Urgent and qualified humanitarian reasons;

• Essential for the applicant's health;

• A trip that does not consider a return to Chile (reside abroad).

* You must request at least 72 hours in advance.

* Its review and validation, by the Undersecretary of Crime Prevention, will take a minimum of 48 hours since it is ranked according to the date of the traveler.


Non-resident foreigners who have not been during the last 14 days in countries with community transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and/or countries that have not presented cases caused by variants of concern (variants of concem) of the virus, as determined by the Organization World Health.

• Chileans and resident foreigners.


• Negative PCR test taken 72hrs. before boarding (infants under 2 years of age are excluded from the obligation to have a CRP);

• Complete the International Health Passport (;

• Complete the tracking form within 14 days after arrival in the country (you will receive it via email);

• The foregoing is for all travelers who enter the national territory, regardless of the country of origin, or the region of destination (not even if they have a complete vaccination scheme against COVID19, independent of the vaccine).


They must comply with a mandatory quarantine of 10 days or until they leave the country if the term is shorter, without the possibility of exemption.

Chileans or foreigners regularly residing in the country must be confined for the first 5 days from their entry, being able to choose a transit hotel or a hotel authorized by the Health SEREMI for this purpose.

Foreign non-residents regularly in Chile must be confined for the first 5 days after entering the country in a transit hotel, provided for such purposes by the Health SEREMI and which must be reserved prior to the trip.

Those who have left the national territory for the fulfillment of essential functions for the march of the country, in accordance with the provisions of letter c) of the first article of Supreme Decree No. 102, of 2020, of the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, and that have a complete vaccination scheme against SARS-Cov-2, they will be able, upon their return to Chile, to quarantine at home. Likewise, they may put an end to the quarantine by presenting a negative result of an RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2, whose sample collection has been carried out on the seventh day of quarantine.

*Minors traveling alone may be exempted from quarantine. In their case, they will be able to quarantine at home, the 5-day quarantine in a transit hotel is not mandatory.

In the case of non-resident foreigners, they must have contracted health insurance in their country that provides coverage for international medical care in the case of contracting COVID19 in our country. The minimum amount of health benefits must be $30,000 US dollars and covered for emergency medical assistance, hospital care, repatriation for medical reasons or death, including coverage for any expense caused by COVID19.


Only travelers who have undergone a PCR test and whose results have been negative will be able to leave the transit hotel or the one authorized by the SEREMI after the 5th day.

Travelers who have complied with the previous point will have a period of 24 hours after their departure to travel (by any public and private means) to their final destination, where they must complete the rest of the quarantine. It is important that they comply with all sanitary measures, both in displacement and in quarantine.

If a traveler within 14 days from entering the country is characterized as a confirmed case by the authority, they must comply with the entire quarantine arranged in a sanitary residence, which will have no cost.



The costs of the stay, whether of the transit hotel or the one authorized by the Health SEREMI, must be paid by each traveler.


The costs of staying in the transit hotel must be paid by each traveler when obtaining the health passport (website before taking the transport to Chile.

The costs or gratuity will be according to the following:

• If Chilean travelers or resident foreigners began their trip abroad before 00:00 on March 28, the stay at the temporary hotel will be free.

• If national or foreign resident travelers start their trip after the previous date, they must pay the costs of the 5-day stay at the temporary hotel.

• Foreigners must always pay the costs of the temporary hotel regardless of the start dates of the trip.


The Transit Hotels are registered in the National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) and comply with the COVID protocols. They also have a "certificate of commitment" to offer a preferential, ethical and non-price increase rate.

It will also have a register of travelers, which it will send to the Health SEREMI, recording incoming and outgoing travelers to ensure compliance with quarantine.

The basic services that will be provided to travelers in Transit Hotels for Travelers at least will be:

• Room and bathroom for single use;

• Foodservice consisting of 4 meals: breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner; which must be dispatched to the room;

• An effective communication system between the room and the hotel reception;

• Television and Wi-fi network. If possible also cable TV;

• Air conditioning in the rooms;

• For the transfer to the Transitional Hotel where they will perform the isolation individually or with the group of people with whom they traveled, the establishment will have a vehicle (free of charge).



The Hotel Transit reservation must be made through the website at the time of requesting the International Health Passport. There will be a link called Available Hotels, where you can choose an establishment to carry out the quarantine.

This reserve is key for non-resident foreigners. Without it, the Health Passport will not be issued.


Chileans and resident foreigners, if they traveled before March 28, must attach the proof of departure from the country and the date on page With this, they will be designated a hotel at no cost. In any case, these people will have the option of reserving another hotel other than the one designated, but in that case, they must cancel all the costs of this and must choose from the list of available establishments.

Chileans and resident foreigners who left the country from 28 onwards must make the reservation online and will be able to pay online -through a link that will be in as well as at the airport to present the receipt at the Sanitary Customs.

Travelers who carry out preventive quarantines can NOT leave the room during the 5 days that this isolation in the hotel lasts. The Sanitary Authority will supervise that travelers carry out the isolation effectively, risking fines assigned by the Sanitary Authority of up to 50 million Chilean pesos in the event of non-compliance.


The taking of the PCR test that will allow the quarantine to be shortened to 5 days at the Transit Hotel and to continue it at the final destination will be carried out in the same establishment, to where a team will be directed for this purpose. The result will be informed to you by email.

In some hotels, it is indicated that the value does not include the taking of the PCR, in these cases the taking is carried out prior to direct coordination of the Health SEREMI with the travelers.

How should the quarantine be:

• The journey to the quarantine place must be direct, without interacting with other people and always with a mask;

• The isolation must be individual or with the same group with which you have traveled;

• You cannot share with other people who live in the same home or have visitors;

• You must be alert in case of symptoms and comply with the traveler follow-up for 14 days.

EMDOC professionals are available to answer all demands and doubts on this topic that certainly involves the mobility of many immigrants in this very delicate moment. Therefore, before leaving your country, consult the specific conditions for entering Brazil.

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